General Meeting 11/16/2022

Agenda 21st LD Dems General Meeting Nov 16, 2022 – 6PM

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6:00        Call to Order
6:05        Land Acknowledgement, Announcements and Introductions – Welcome to New PCOs!
6:15        Special Speakers and Topics::
                 Native American Heritage Month
                 Election Review: Democracy At Risk; Disaster Averted!
                 Re-Org Planning: 12/04/2022 1:00PM at Library in Lynnwood
                 ISSUES: Airport
6:55        Minutes, Officer Reports, Committee Reports
7:00        Bio Break
7:05        Minutes, Officer Reports, Committee Reports
7:15        Old Business
7:15        New Business: Resolutions, Committee Confirmation (TBD)
7:25        Good of the Order
7:35        Adjourn and TIDY the Meeting Room!