APRIL 2020: Endorsements and Elections Committee Report

All of the following meetings are now on ZOOM due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and Governor Inslee’s Stay at Home, Stay Safe Orders.

April 10& 12 – Clare work on Endorsements Committee, review Questionnaires and spreadsheet Calendar, email Endorsements Committee.

8th Meeting: ZOOM Endorsements Committee Meeting, April 14th

Verify scheduling with team. We will offer most Mondays and Thursdays, some Saturdays, a Tuesday and Wednesday, with some morning appointments available, but most appointments for 4:30 pm and on.

Discuss Zoom venue.

Neal sending me final PDF Questionnaires to review.

New PDC printout to review.

We discuss again which candidates to invite to fill out our 21st LD Questionnaire.

Additionally, Colin and Neil to discuss with Al regarding VoteBuilder, which candidates to invite we are not familiar with, and to present list to Endorsements Committee.

Colin to schedule interviews per time-frames similar to SnoCo Endorsements Committee. We decide to schedule 30 minutes for Judicial candidates, 30-45 minutes for Legislative, 45 minutes to 1 hour for Congressional and State, as needed. We are interested to hear what Rick Larsen has to share with us on what’s going on with the White House and Congress regarding this new Pandemic, supply chain issues, monies coming to the state and residents, Boeing, etc., and what his role is in all of this. We offered the same timeframe to Jason Call, Marko Liias, and Gael Tarleton.

All of us to review the answers the candidates give us on their uploaded digital Questionnaires before the candidate interviews, and come up with a minimum of two questions for each candidate during interviews.

We discussed in the interest of time, that we wouldn’t interview the Judicial candidates we interviewed last year that are running unopposed, unless their status changes.

Attendance: Clare, Neil, Colin, Sharon

Clare emails team with action items discussed at meeting.

9th Meeting: ZOOM Endorsements Committee Meeting, April 16th

Reviewed our scheduling of candidates.

Clare decides to get a professional Zoom account for ease of use, with no limitation on times allowed online in meetings.

Attendance: Clare, Neil, Larry

Clare review all Questionnaires, April 17th

10th Meeting: ZOOM Candidate Interviews, April 18th

Candidate interviews start today. We will always open our Zoom room about 30 minutes earlier to allow all team members time to get on Zoom, discuss upcoming interviews, etc. Our process will be: Ask each candidate to give us an introduction and opening statement, let us know what they’ve been working on, etc. Then a Q&A session, plus candidate closing statement if time allows. This is the same format that Snohomish County Endorsements Committee uses.

Attendance: Clare, Neil, Colin, Larry, Sharon

11th Meeting: ZOOM Candidate Interviews, April 30th

More candidate interviews today.

Discuss candidates’ status.

Discuss SnoCo Endorsements Committee decisions.

Attendance: Clare, Neil, Colin, Larry