LD Caucus – Sunday April 26, 2020

Save the date – SUNDAY,  APRIL 26, 2020 

Please check back to this page as we will continue updating as we get more information
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NEXT Caucus Committee meetings- 

Friday 4-6pm Lynnwood Lib
Saturday, noon-1pm, Mariner High school Cafeteria (after the TownHall)



Al and I did the initial VENUE walk thru  at Mariner HS on Tues Feb 18.
Many questions were answered, and we did a test drive of the A/V system.

Yes, we can sell Snacks and Bev. Yes, the School has Vending Machines, with same (prices 1.50 – 2.25).
6ft tables will be set up in outside gym (indoor hallways) for registration and Snack & Bev Sales.
Yes, the WiFI works in the Gym and elsewhere.
Yes, we have access to both the Gym (with Bleachers) and the Cafeteria (with Round Tables and chairs).
Yes, they prefer most eating in the cafeteria, however, they are OK with snacks and covered Bev in Gym.
We are checking on whether we can have our own bake sale items, or not.
We have a budget Draft started.
We did a room layout plan.
We discussed signage needs.

HISTORY of this Page – A Chronological list of Info as we experience the process.

We are actively planning for the LD Caucus on April 26, 2020.

This is one of the most important (and expensive) events we will be responsible for in the coming year.  It is also a HUGE opportunity for new memberships, PCOs, and Fundraising.  We need to take full advantage of all that this event has to offer.


  • Go to to make sure you are registered
  • Please check out the Caucus information now available in the following link:
    This valuable link to Caucus 2020 information is provided by the State Party, and is still being developed by their experts.
    PLEASE NOTE that the information provided in the link is intended for Local Political Parties (LPOs) like the 21st LD Dems.  This Link is NOT intended for the public (which is why this link does NOT appear on the state website, and why we should NOT share it outside our 21st LD Dems membership.
    Everyone, please respect that):
  • Please check out another link with additional information created and/or provided exclusively by the 21st LD Dems org.  This is s Google Drive shared within the 21st LD Dems for our use only:


Here’s what we have to share so far –

  • CAUCUS COMMITTEE (CC) – The Caucus sub-committee was initially formed at our LD meeting  Oct 16, 2019.   The 21st LD Executive Board voted on January 2, 2020 to add ALL EB members to the Caucus committee, since there is more than enough work to be done, in such a short time period – We need all hands on deck!
    The Caucus 2020 Committee currently includes
    11 Executive Board  (EB) members – Shaun Olsen (SCM2), Rose Andrews(CCM1), Joel Ware IV (CCM2), Simone Gomes(SCM1), David Chan(Tres), Al Apodoca (1VC), Peter Henry (2VC), Ahamad Ceesay (SgtAA), Denisa Ruxandar (YDL), Stephanie Sanders (Sec), and Sharon Holt (Chair).
    5  Members: Jeremie Sanders (PCO), Richard McManus (PCO), Micah Rowland (PCO), Timothy Kotauski (Member), Stephanie Schindler (PCO)
    To join this committee contact the chair, Sharon Holt, 425 478-2418, or sign up at LD meeting.
    Thank you for volunteering!!
    We will let you know which caucus sub team you are assigned to help with.
  • CC TEAM CAPTAINS – Feb 22  Caucus Committee meeting (postponed from Jan 29 LD meeting) we will select leadership for the Caucus Committee, which will include 2 CC Chair/Co-Chairs, and a CC Team Captain for each of the following key areas of Focus  –
    ADA Team Captain – TBD
    Budget Team Captain – Sharon & Al
    Fundraising Team Captain – TBD
    Print Team Captain – TBD
    Communications/PR Team Captain – TBD
    Registration & Training Team Captain – TBD
    NOTE ABOUT TEAM CAPTAINS – These folks will start now, to plan,  form teams, and coordinate activities before, during, and after April 26 Caucus event day, working in Close collaboration with all our our existing Standing Committee Chairs (SCC). In some cases, the EB officer or the SC Chair may also become the Team Captain, if they have the bandwidth. Anyone may volunteer, subject to the validation by the 21st LD membership.
  • CC MEETINGS – Dates, Times, Locations – TBA
  • CAUCUS RULES The WA State folks are working on developing the Caucus Rules right now, as of 1/29 – TBD
  • CAUCUS SUPPORT – Sharon (chair) and Al (1VC) meet 2 times weekly, on M and W, at 3pm, to work on caucus planning and to support the various activities of the Team Captains, as needed.  Please forward your questions.  Let us know what you need.  We are here to help you!
  • CAUCUS ATTENDANCE – We have estimated our attendance at approximately 500-1,200 caucus participants.
    New DNC rules require that we have an ADA compliant facility.  We researched venues located in our LD and have already booked  Mariner High School is booked (on the school district’s facility calendar ).  The cost is approximately $1300 for the use of the Gym from 9am – 5pm on Sunday April 26 (invoice has been paid).
  • INTERPRETERS –  Interpreters are required by the DNC new rules, as well as a Signer for the hearing impaired.  The demographic of our area, based on diversity indicates our  primary need is for Hispanic interpreters – To be Confirmed.
  • INSURANCE – Insurance has been arranged and will be cost free, as Wa State Dems is providing insurance on our behalf as an In Kind Contribution.
  • PRINT requirements tentatively include 1. Remit Envelopes, 2. 21st LD Flyers, 3. Delegate Profiles.
  • BUDGET – The costs for VENUE, PRINT, INTERPRETERS, and any other significant expense will be estimated and a projected Caucus budget will be put before the membership for a vote in Feb 2020.
  • Depending on our financial needs, we may submit a request to Wa State Dems for monetary support.  The sooner we figure this out and get a well supported request submitted, the better.  UPDATE Jan 2020 – The deadline for State support has expired (on Oct 31, 2019) . We did not request aid, except for the Insurance, which is done.
  • CAUCUS TRAINING –  Training for the Caucus volunteers will be provided by the State and our own LD.  On Sat. Feb 8th 10am – 1pm at the Everett Labor Temple,  the State is providing 2 trainings 1) Delegate – how to become a Caucus DelegATE, 2) Coordinated Campaign (details of canvass goals for election of Dems in 2020



Sharon Holt

425 478-2418

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Apr 26 2020


11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Mariner High School
200 120th Street Southwest, Everett, WA, USA


Sharon Holt


Possible Drizzle
9 °C
Wind: 11 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
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