LD21 Supporting Items for ReOrg 12/04/2022

The links below, when populated, will lead to the documents identified.
Meeting attendees are encouraged to review these in detail prior to the meeting.

  1. Agenda and Rules for Reorg meeting Click HERE
  2. Rules Committee REORG Recommendations (Bylaws, Standing, Special Rules) Click HERE
    1. Bylaws HERE (Updated Section 5.09)  Click HERE for updated section
    2. Standing Rules (4)
      1. 21st LD Electronic Meeting Standing Rules (No Change) Click HERE
      2. 21st LD General Standing Rules  (No Change) Click HERE
      3. 21st LD Online Governance (No Change) Click HERE
      4. 21st LD Code of Conduct (3)
        1. Code of Conduct (No Change)  Click HERE
        2. Code of Conduct Procedure (No Change)  Click HERE
        3. Code of Conduct Complaint Request Form (No Change)  Click HERE
    3. Special Rules (2)
      1. 21st LD Single Payer (No Change)  Click HERE
      2. 21st LD Special Rules of Order (No Change)  Click HERE