Site Update – Members Content


The 21st Legislative District is helping pioneer new technology and features in our website to pave the way for the rest of the legislative districts and county organizations across the state!

Recently, we rolled out our membership features on our website and now members of the legislative district can log in to get access to exclusive content. As part of this roll out, we’ve done some house cleaning and moved some content from our public facing website to our members area. This will require members to login before being able to access content that was traditionally available on our public site. We’ve made sure to add placeholders on the public facing site so that members will know the information has moved and added a button so members can click and login to access the information.

We’ve also added:

  • a members calendar view that displays additional events such as committee meetings and events
  • a page that allows members to request to join committees
  • the ability for approved members to add calendar events
  • committee organization pages
  • and much more to come….

We realize that this is a shift from how things worked in the past and that, like any change, it may take some time for our members to get used to. If you require any assistance, click the Contact menu item to send an email to the chair.

If you have not yet joined or renewed your membership for 2018, click the Join button on our homepage to get started. Remember, if you cannot afford our yearly dues, you can scroll to the bottom of the Join page and click the button there to request a waiver.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience as we ride the wave of the future.


Micah Rowland – Chair