2018 Caucus Minutes

March 24th, 2018 – Mukilteo City Hall

The meeting was gaveled to order at 10:13 AM by Temporary Chair Micah Rowland. Ahamad Ceesay led the attendees in a flag salute. Chair Rowland read aloud a letter from Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski.

At 10:16 AM Chair Rowland appointed additional temporary officers: Neil Shafer-Ross as Temporary Secretary, Ahamad Ceesay as Temporary Sergeant at Arms, and Shaun Olsen as Temporary Parliamentarian. Simone Gomes was also introduced as Treasurer of the 21st LD Democrats organization.

At 10:16 AM the goals of this caucus were stated: to elect 9 delegates to the Washington State Democratic Party Convention, and up to 4 alternates.

At 10:18 AM we officially took a recess from caucus business, until 11:00 AM when the Credentials Report would be issued.

Chair Rowland made various housekeeping announcements, and then answered questions from the caucus attendees. Topics discussed included Precinct Committee Officer races, the Democratic National Convention, and how to become a member of the 21st LD Democrats organization.

Cassidy Butler took the podium and spoke on behalf of Initiative 1600, which seeks to guarantee universal healthcare in Washington State. The initiative is in the signature phase and needs to gather a total of 300,000 signatures by the July 1st deadline.

There was a reminder about the March for our Lives event being held in Everett at 1:00 PM later the same day. The live feed from the March for our Lives event concurrently being held in Washington DC was put up on the overhead screen.

At 11:00 AM, caucus business resumed. Roger Pence, the Chair of the Credentials Committee, gave the Credentials Report: there were 30 registered, active, Democrat identifying voters in attendance, and the caucus would maintain a quorum as long as 9 such voters remained in attendance. The Credentials Report was adopted without objection.

Bret Chiafalo, Chair of the Rules Committee, gave the Rules Report for the caucus. The Rules Report was adopted without objection.

Chair Rowland appointed the Tally Committee for purposes of electing permanent caucus officers. Steve Schmalz (Chair), Christine Schmalz, and Alfred Apodaca were appointed as the members of that committee. Ahamad Ceesay was appointed timekeeper for any speeches that were made.

Chair Rowland invited nominations for the position of Permanent Chair of the caucus. Joel Ware nominated Micah Rowland as Permanent Chair, and the nomination was seconded. Chair Rowland asked for additional nominations, and there were none. Micah Rowland was voted Permanent Chair by unanimous voice vote.

Chair Rowland nominated Neil Shafer-Ross as Permanent Secretary of the caucus. There were no other nominations. Neil Shafer-Ross was voted Permanent Secretary by unanimous voice vote.

Chair Rowland nominated Shaun Olsen as Permanent Parliamentarian. There were no other nominations. Shaun Olsen was voted Permanent Parliamentarian by unanimous voice vote.

Chair Rowland read the rules of the caucus.

The caucus commenced with the business of selecting a slate of 9 delegates and up to 4 alternates to attend the State Democratic Party Convention.

At 11:20, the caucus approved a slate of 9 delegates (5 men and 4 women), and 4 alternates. The nominees were approved by acclamation, because there were exactly 9 nominees for the 9 delegate positions, and exactly 4 nominees for the 4 alternate positions. (Names of delegates and alternates recorded elsewhere).

At 11:22 Chair Rowland opened the floor to The Good of the Order.

Rose Andrews, County Committeewoman, read a poem that she had written for the occasion of the caucus.

Joel Ware discussed the recent congressional victory by Conor Lamb in the State of Pennsylvania, which he accomplished by engaging with his community. Congressman Elect Lamb is a Democrat, who was able to win election in very strongly Republican favoring district.

Treasurer Simone Gomes reminded attendees of the March 28 General Business Meeting of the 21st LD Democrats, at which Mr. Benjamin Cornell will be the guest speaker. Mr. Cornell is an attorney and an expert on the subject of immigration law.

Al Apodaca, PCO Coordinator, asked the guests for help with recruiting new PCO candidates to run in the precincts of the 21st district, and for attendees to consider running themselves.

Ahamad Ceesay, Sergeant at Arms, reminded the attendees that the 21st LD Democrats have a Twitter account, which frequently includes news about upcoming events of interest. For example, Congressman Keith Ellison will be speaking publically in our state in April: April 6th in Seattle and April 7th in Renton.

Chair Rowland reminded the attendees about the state party’s Rise and Organize effort, which seeks to advance progressive candidates for state and federal legislative offices in Washington State. The party has set up a web based portal to make financial gifts in support of this effort.

Peter Henry reminded the attendees of the upcoming lecture by former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch, on April 4th, at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus.

Following the Good of the Order, Chair Rowland took a few minutes to answer additional questions from attendees.

The caucus was formally adjourned at 11:35 AM.