2024 Auxiliary Member

Auxiliary membership is available to all those eligible to vote who do not reside in the 21st legislative district. Auxiliary members are able speak in debate, but not eligible to vote or make motions.
Note: Signups after November 1st include the following year.

2024 General Member

General membership is open to all residents, eligible to vote, who reside in the 21st legislative district. General members are eligible to vote 20 days after joining.
Note: Signups after November 1st include the following year.

2024 PCO

To be eligible for PCO membership, you must have been elected or appointed as a PCO in the precinct where you reside. Requests will be reviewed by an administrator before being approved.

Note: Signups after November 1st include the following year.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the 21st Legislative District Democrats. Our organization's greatest strength is being 100% member driven. We need your help to create change in our community. Whether you are making phone calls or door-belling your neighbors, we appreciate your help to make it happen!The Membership of the 21st


Why become a member?

The 21st Legislative District Democrats organization is member-driven. This means members, not officers or elected officials, have control over the future of our local party. By joining, you will have the ability to propose actions that the organization will take, participate in debate, and have a vote.

Which membership is right for me?

There are two types of membership available:

Voting Member
If you reside in the 21st Legislative District and are eligible to vote, you qualify to be a voting member! Voting members have a voice in all matters.

Auxiliary Member
If you are not eligible to be a voting member, you may become an auxiliary member. Auxiliary members do not have voting rights, but they are permitted to speak during debates on motions to have their voice heard.

Why Membership Dues?

Our membership dues help fund the activities of the organization. They are used to pay for this website, fund events, print flyers, and a plethora of general expenses that are common to small political organizations. However, when it comes to donating to candidates or initiatives, the 21st has strict rules that make sure that the membership must specifically vote on each and every contribution.

In an effort to avoid placing an undue burden on our members, we have set our dues at a very low level, $25/year, which works out to just a little over $2/month. If you signup in the months of November or December, your membership dues will cover the following year as well. By relying on membership dues as our primary source of revenue, we can avoid spending our valuable time courting large donors and focus more on our grassroots efforts.

What if I can't afford the membership dues?

With the historic income inequality in today's economic climate, we understand that some may not be able to support our organization monetarily. For those in such a position, dues can be waived. If you would like to request a waiver, click the button below and fill out the form and you will be contacted with instructions on how to sign up without cost.