Become a PCO

What exactly is a PCO?

The 21st Legislative District is divided into 134 small neighborhoods called "precincts" and in each of these precincts our grassroots efforts are spearheaded by a Precinct Committee Officer. These volunteers are the grassroots activists of the Democratic Party operating on the front lines at the local level. PCOs are elected in the Primary every two years. If a precinct does not have a PCO, any registered voter residing in the precinct may be appointed by the Legislative District Chair to fill the vacancy.

What is expected?

By stepping forward to organize your precinct, you will engage directly with your local community and make the most effective impact battling the republican agenda. Your task: help to keep good democratic candidates in office while fighting to increase Democratic representation at local, state and national levels. By engaging with your neighbors door to door, you will build relationships and work to become a trusted resource for information on democratic candidates and races. PCOs are expected to be active members in the legislative district and serve as a voice for their neighbors.

How can I apply?

First, determine which precinct you live in, become a member and attend a few meetings. If your precinct already has a PCO, you are still needed! By partnering with your precinct's PCO, you can help them cover your neighborhood quicker. You can also volunteer to "adopt a precinct" and work to recruit new PCOs and members. Get to know your district and its representatives and then apply to become a PCO by speaking with the Chair of the 21st at one of our meetings.

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