21Dems General Meeting June 21, 2023

Mukilteo City Hall (in person)

Notes – Peter Henry, Secretary.

33 members and guests as of 7:20


Call to Order – 7:15

Special Guest – Washington Attorney General (and candidate for Governor), Bob Ferguson

Only candidate that DOES NOT take money from large corporations


Carol McMahon – District #2, Regional Fire Authority

Carin Chase – Edmonds School Board

Maralyn Chase – Commissioner, Olympic View Water District

Keith Scully, Mayor of Shoreline. Considering running for Commissioner of Public Lands

  • He is a past director of FutureWise (was 1000 Friends of Washington)

Demi Chatters – Everett City Council, Pos. #6 

Chris Eyck – Edmonds City Council, Pos. #1

Charles Atkins – Everett School Board, Pos. #5

  • Thanks for endorsement. 

Susan Paine – Edmonds City Council, Pos. #6

  • We need to do pandemic recovery, with equity leading.

Judith Martinez (?) – Everett City Council 


Lillian Ortiz-Self and Strom Peterson (State Reps)


Workgroup to look at hate groups? It didn’t make it through this session. But an attempt will be made next session.

“Moms for Liberty” are slamming trans kids at school board meetings. 

Crazy things happening at City Council level (about drugs) – Supreme Court in “Blake” decision threw out criminalization laws – Legislature made possession a misdemeanor. Focus needs to be on treatment.

Now we have an assault weapons ban, should we have a requirement for training for a concealed carry permit? New bill – mandatory training for any gun purchase. It’s online now (due to capacity limits). And it will include 10 day waiting period.

There are shortages of certain meds, it’s a real problem. Electronic prescriptions are more difficult to use than the old paper prescriptions. Are these new prescriptions related to shortcomings?

Pandemic aid (rent, food, …) is ending. This is a disaster and it’s getting worse – prevention is more effective. Can we look at some kind of basic income or something to prevent people from falling off the cliff.

The Pandemic showed that a guarantee of basic income works – that’s what we did!

How can we make state tax system fairer? 

We passed excise tax for selling expensive stuff over $250K. It brought in $800M so far, prediction was $250M


Elected Officials

?? City Councilmember, Mukilteo

Quorum check (Micah) 

Getting ready for the upcoming elections

Endorsement List will be posted on our website, we are working on it. The list to date was sent out to all PCOs.

Motion ??, Second – Sharon to endorse Maralyn Chase for Olympic View Water Commissioner

Motion carries by hand vote

Motion ??, Second by Susan Paine  to endorse Richard Emory for Mukilteo City Council pos. #4 (?)

Motion carries by voice vote

Motion to endorse Carol McMahon, Seconded. Regional Fire Authority, district #2

This would be a dual endorsement as we have already endorsed Mike Fearenough for this position

Motion carries by hand vote

Good Of The Order 

Micah was offered a position as a volunteer fire fighter. He will not be available on Wednesdays due to training.

Program to distribute free NarCan into the community.

Google: Free NarCan Washington State

Picnic – Aug. 19, Location not confirmed.

Please ask candidates – how is your leadership going to show up (vis a vis specific problem in the community, e.g. protecting Trans youth)?

SnoCo Dems Picnic is July 23 at Lindale Park, 12 – 4

Mill Creek Festival / Street Fair (complete with Democrats’ Booth) July 15-16

Micah mentioned that any member can add an event to the 21Dems website calendar. 

Motion to Adjourn, no objection!