21Dems General Meeting Notes, July 20, 2022

Notes – Peter Henry, Secretary



Susan Paine made a short appearance

Sandy Bonds had trouble dropping out of the meeting

Call to Order – 7:06

Land Acknowledgment – Joel Ware, Chair


7:00        Call to Order

7:05        Land Acknowledgement, Announcements and Introductions – Welcome to New PCOs!

7:10        Election of SnoCo Dems Reps (2)

7:25        Special Speakers and Topics:: GOTV and ISSUES

7:55        Minutes, Officer Reports, Committee Reports

8:00        Bio Break

8:05        Minutes, Officer Reports, Committee Reports

8:15        Old Business

8:15        New Business: Resolutions, Committee Confirmation (TBD)

8:25        Good of the Order

8:35        Adjourn                  

Motion to adopt agenda Ron Harrell, second Tom Freeman. Passed by acclamation 

Welcome Candidates / Elected Officials

Melissa Plummer – campaign manager for Susan DelBene (Congress, 1st CD). This will be a close race in the fall! We need high turnout in the primary!

Micah Rowland (Fire District Commissioner)

Riaz Khan (Mukilteo City Council)

Susan Paine (Edmonds City Council) . Kristiana Johnson died on Monday unfortunately. The Council will need to select a replacement within 90 days. Please contact her with questions/interests at s.m.paine@icloud.com  206-371-5148 .

Kate Baumgartner (campaigner for Sen. Murray)

Welcome new PCOs

Erik Houser – candidate for PCO (moved from 43rd District)

Brook Roberts – candidate for PCO

Question about appointing eligible PCOs – one PCO was appointed (name?)

Ron Harrell is elected as new PCO for Edm26. The old PCO moved out of the district. Ron needs to be appointed by the chair of the county dems, as acting PCO, till his term starts in December (January?)

Election of CCP1 and CCP2 (our representatives to SnoCo Democrats)

CCP1 nominations – none

CCP2 nominations 

Ron Harrell nominated himself (to replace Ahamad Ceesay). No second needed. He will be a PCO in Edm-26 starting in January.

There are no limitations in our bylaws regarding how long someone needs to be a member before they can serve in an elected position.

Sharon Holt – Motion to elect by acclamation. Seconded by Thom Garrard.

No opposition, welcome new SnoCo Representative to Ron Harrell!

Quote: “I’ve been around the block a couple of times, I think I can handle this!”

Welcome Libby Watson on “Get Out the Vote!”

A few field organizers but we need volunteers

“Snowflake” model of organizing. Conversations with individuals is the most important. 

Neighborhood campaign model. Republicans are doing better nationwide than Democrats.

Kate Baumgartner – kate@pattymurray.com

Mikayla Hubbard covers the 44th and 21st! Reach her at mikayla@wa-democrats.org

Upcoming events:

Sunday at 12:30, Funko Field: https://secure.ngpvan.com/S1WnPSLZDEalb1EKSsjWFA2 

31st canvass in the 10th LD: https://secure.ngpvan.com/MJ58VdNnakKnlA2g0zMTow2 

Weekly autodialer phonebanks on Sunday night: https://secure.ngpvan.com/xcipCuy-ak6glmPbqo4QHg2 

July 30, Edmonds City Park, 11am: https://secure.ngpvan.com/hhxEjUlSxkCPGubNExdaPA2

Issues Discussion

Bio break, then:

Motion to Table by Micah, second by Teresa. Carries 11-2

Treasurer’s report – Teresa Melin

Nothing is coming in, regular expenses are going out. We will have to raise money.

Need to transfer $500 to pay bills

Motion by Teresa, seconded by Sharon, to transfer $500 from Victory Balance to Operations so we can pay bills!

Motion carries 12-0

It was noted this is a usual matter as bills come due.

Weekly reporting to PDC starts next week.

No other officers need to report

No other old business is brought up

We will retroactively consider Sandra Bond nomination as SnoCo Representative (CCP1)

Nominations are open – Sandra Bond is nominating herself as SnoCo Representative.

No other nominations

As there is a sole candidate, 

Motion to elect by acclamation – Ron Harrell; second by Sharon Holt

Now that Ron was elected as an officer (beginning of meeting) he becomes instantly a full member and can vote, make motions etc. without waiting 20 days.

No objections, welcome Sandy as our new SnoCo representative!

Some old board members will be removed/their roles reassigned, and new board members will be added, on our website.

State Committee Rep – Sharon Holt – State convention

We are the only state convention that was able to be hybrid remote / in person of such size

251 on Zoom call but way more on live Yahoo ? call

Some minority planks did not pass

-Criminal background checks and nuclear energy

Thom Garrard – Went fairly well, first hybrid convention. 

Joel – We had one 14 year old who participated! Rules were interpreted so delegates didn’t need to be eligible to vote.

SnoCo Dems – Thom. State Fair in Monroe, will have a booth and will ask LDs to defray cost. Sept. 30 – Gala

We need to collect data to see if we are meeting diversity goals. But this might conflict with privacy concerns.

Sharon’s note – We can skip the August meeting and have a picnic instead.

Al – Meeting request re: mass texting program. We have an August 1 deadline to have our system for “opt in” for members to get texts. A follow-up tech meeting will be scheduled.

Do we want a meeting or a picnic in August?.The normal meeting date would be Wednesday, August 17. 

We have budgeted $350 for expenses.

Motion – Micah – Second by Sandy – cancel August meeting in lieu of a picnic, date and details to be determined by E-Board. Approved 10 – 0

Picnic committee – Sharon will help. Cindy, Joel, Al, Sue will all help..

Good of the Order

Adjourn at 9:23