21st LD Committees

The appointed Committee Chairs and proposed volunteers are listed below.
Contact the chair to join or change committees, or contact chair@21dems.org

DIVERSITY & MEMBERSHIPmembership@21dems.org
Darla Varrenti – Committee Chair
Al Apodaca  РComm. Vice Chair, EB
David Chan – EB
Joel Ware IV- EB
Simone Gomes – EB
Sharon Holt – EB
FUND RAISING & EVENTSevents@21dems.org
Sue Nicholls – Committee Chair
TBD – Comm. VC
Suzette Young
Denisa Ruxandar
Sharon Holt – EB
ISSUES & EDUCATIONissues@21dems.org
Peter Henry- Committee Chair, EB
Stephanie Schindler -Comm. Vice Chair
Shaun Olsen – EB
Scott Marshall
Sharon Holt – EB
ENDORSEMENTS & ELECTIONSendorsements@21dems.org
Clare Van Hollebeke – Committee Chair
Neil Shafer Ross – Comm. Vice Chair, EB
Larry McIntosh
Sharon Holt – EB
TECHNOLOGY technology@21dems.org
TBD – Chair
Micah Rowland
Rory Graves
Sharon Holt – EB
TBD – Committee Chair
Shaun Olsen – EB
Joel Ware IV – EB
Micah Rowland
Ahamad Ceesay – EB
Sharon Holt – EB
Darla Varrenti
David Chan – EB
Al Apodaca – EB
Sharon Holt – EB