21st LD Democrats Reorg Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2018

Mukilteo City Hall

Prepared by Laura Hathaway, with edits by Neil Shafer-Ross

Call to Order

Election of the Temporary Chair

  • Steve Schmalz

Election of the Temporary Secretary

  • Laura Hathaway

Flag salute

Credentials Report shows 37 PCOs in attendance

Only PCOs can vote

Motion to adopt the Rules

  • Approved

Election of the Chair


  • Sharon Holt
  • Bret Chiafalo

Tally Committee:

Sue Nicholls

Joel Ware

Hillary Moralez

Updated Credentials Report

38 PCOs

Sharon 30, Brett 8

Sharon Holt has been Elected as the Chair


Motion to only adopt the minimum amount of Bylaws and requirements from the state party and then work on the rest in January

 Motion to Amend the bylaws to incorporate the 3 changes regarding gender

  • Approved

Motion to change the Treasures Position from e\Elected to Appointed

  • Fails

Motion to amend the bylaws to add a deputy treasurer

Motion to postpone voting on the Deputy Treasurer to January

  • Approved

Motion to approve the change to Article 5.09 Electronic Voting to allow electronic participation

Motion to postpone indefinitely

  • Approved

Motion to add new sections:

  • Section 3.05 Membership Removal
  • A member who has been repeatedly rule out of order by the Chair, for using hostile words and/or putting-down our LD or Democratic Party in general, a member who was judged to have used disorderly words as judge per a vote of the members, and/or continued this disorderly conduct at a following meeting or meetings, wherein the Chair decided to call the police to request they remove this disorderly person from the meeting. The 21st LD will have membership standard that denies membership to persons with Level 2 or higher sex offender or kidnapper charges on criminal record, to be determined as requested and where the public record supersedes any other information.
  • Section 3.06 – Precinct Committee Officers
  • Section 3.06.01 – Any registered voter can file and run for their voting Precinct’s Committee Officer (PCO) every two years by filing for election during the biannual even year general election. All elected PCO who reside in the 21st LDwho meet eligibility requirements of Section 3.05 shall be
  • are automatically (remove) members of the 21st LD and can pay membership dues.  Only elected PCOs can vote at the County biannual re-organization meeting,

Motion to reject the question

  • Fails

Ruled out of order

Motion to accept the Bylaws.

Call the question

  • Approved

Motion to accept the Bylaws

  • Approved


1st Vice Chair

  • Al Apodaca
  • Niko Battle

Goldenrod Ballot

Al 22, Niko 16

Al Apodaca is elected as 1st Vice Chair

2nd Vice Chair

  • Darla Varenti
  • Niko Battle

Niko 24, Darla 13

Niko Battle has been elected 2nd Vice Chair

State Committee person

  • Leilani Howes
  • Cassie Butler
  • Simone Gomes

1st round: Simone 17, Leilani 11, Cassidy 10

2nd round: Simone 25, Leilani 11

Simone Gomez is the State Committee Woman

State Committee Male

  • Shaun Olsen
  • Joel Ware

Shaun 24, Joel 12

Shaun Olsen is elected as the State Committee Male

County Committee

  • Scott Marshall
  • Richard McManus
  • Ahamad Ceesay
  • Joel Ware

1st round: Joel 16, Ahamad 8, Scott 8, Richard 1

Dropping Richard McManus

2nd round: Joel 16, Ahamad 9, Scott 8

Voting again between Ahamad and Scott

3rd round: Joel 19, Ahamad 14

Joel Ware is the County Committee Male

County Committee Female

  • Rose Andrews

Rose Andrews is elected County Committee Female by acclamation


  • David Chan
  • Darla Varenti

David 16, Darla 13

David Chan is elected Treasurer


  • Neil Shafer-Ross

Neil Shafer-Ross is elected Secretary by acclamation