21st LD Democrats Standing Rules


Standing rules are documented here for the purpose of better understanding the basic and customary procedures and rules followed by the 21st LD Democratic organization.  This document is subject to review and adjustment by the membership of the 21st LD Democrat membership by majority vote at a regular business meeting.

Standing Rules

These rules relate to the operation of meetings and are supplemental to the Bylaws. These rules may be passed, suspended, or removed in accordance with the Parliamentary Authority.

  1. At each meeting, treasurer must disclose all balances, donations from candidates or groups, (such as PACs, Unions, Corporations, etc) and all individual donations over $500. All disbursements must be disclosed.
  2. At Executive Board meetings, all non-officer general and associate members present may speak in debate, but are limited to one minute, one time per motion.
    Monthly meetings for the general membership occur the third Wednesday of each month. 
    • Typically, the location of the meetings is the Mukilteo City Hall (MCH), unless the room is unavailable, in which case a suitable room will be booked elsewhere.
      • In cases where the MCH room is unavailable, the membership will be informed of the new location.
      • In cases where no room is available on the 3rd Wed, the membership will be informed of the rescheduled date, as close to the regular date as possible.
    • Notification of adjusted location or date will be provided no later than 1 week in advance of the original date for the monthly meeting.
    • Last-minute forced venue changes will be posted at the venue and on electronic media.
    • All regular Business Meeting Agendas will be sent to the membership 1 week prior to each monthly meeting, via mass email. 
    • In cases where the member does not have email, the member may request postal mail notification by contacting the membership committee.
    • Draft minutes are published on the 21st Dems org website document page within one week of any business meeting.
  5. FACEBOOKSocial Media
    Any Facebook, Slack, or other social media-blocked members will be reviewed at next Business Meeting, for ratification by the body. 
    • A majority vote of the body is required to unblock the FB member on the 21st LD Dem’s  site.
    • Blocked members may be re-instated after a period of time.