21st LD Dems Reorg Proposed Rules & Agenda December 5, 2020

  1. Electronic Sign-in is required at check-in. Zoom Login & Registration are required to authenticate identity and track attendance. After the meeting, a Zoom report will include a Registered Attendee list. The Vice Chair will also keep a manual list as physical backup.
  2. Eligible voters shall be limited to PCOs elected during the August 4, 2020 Primary (including any PCOs who were elected without appearing on a ballot because they were the only person to file in their precincts).
    1. Eligible voters will not be issued ballots. See Ballot procedures below.
    2. A simple majority, i.e. more than 50%, vote of members present and voting is necessary to approve any vote unless otherwise noted.
  3. The meeting shall be called to order by the Temporary Chair.
    1. The Temporary Chair shall preside until the election of the new Chair.
  4. The Temporary Chair shall review the Proposed Rules with the Body.
  5. The Body shall vote to approve the meeting Rules.
  6. Election of the new 21st LD Chair.
  7. Adoption of the 21st LD Bylaws and Special & Standing Rules.
  8. Election of remaining eight 21st LD officers shall proceed in the following order:
    1. Vice Chair 1st
    2. Vice Chair 2nd
    3. State Committee Member 1
    4. State Committee Member 2
    5. Treasurer
    6. Secretary
    7. County Committee Member 1
    8. County Committee Member 2
  9. Ratification of 4 Appointed Officers (this may be postponed to next meeting).
    *Italicized Officers are Appointed by the Chair, subject to ratification by the body.
    1. Sergeant at Arms
    2. Parliamentarian
    3. Young Dems Liaison
    4. Deputy Treasurer
  10. Process for nominating and electing all positions shall include the following:
    1. Call for nominations
    2. Close nominations
    3. One-minute nomination speech for all candidates
      1. Order of speeches determined by order of nominations.
    4. One-minute seconding speech for all candidates.
    5. Speakers for all races may be PCOs, candidates, or Democratic residents of the Legislative District.
  11. Ballot Procedures:
    1. When precinct committee officers vote for organizational officers (e.g., chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, state& county committee persons), they do not have to vote by signed ballot provided that there is a mechanism to ensure the eligibility of those who cast ballots (e.g., a check-off list, sign-in-sheet, ballot receipts, Electronic generated Poll report). (WSD Charter, Article VII.G.2)
    2. Eligible Voters remain in the main meeting room and vote electronically, casting their ballot using Zoom Polls.  (Non-eligible voters (guest or non-PCO members) are removed to the waiting room during voting. During the meeting, the tally result of the Poll is immediately shared to all everyone.
      After the meeting, a Zoom report will include a detail Ballot Poll showing count and individual person’s vote.  The Poll Reports serve as the audit trail.  A count for each Poll will also be manually recorded by the chair/vice chair.
    3. Eligible Voters in attendance that for some reason (connectivity issues, for example) and therefore cannot access the Zoom Poll for electronic voting will be able to text their votes during the meeting to the Vice Chairs.  The 2 Vice Chair’s phone numbers will be posted in the Chat window, or texted on request.  In no case will a person that is not present be allowed to vote by text or any other means.  The final count will include the texted votes, if any. A record of all texted votes will be manually recorded on paper and screen shots.  Any close votes, (eg. Threshold of one) a roll call will be recorded.
    4. In a Zoom Meeting, due to a Zoom restriction, the HOST and CO-HOSTs are unable to cast their vote on the POLLs, so in order to capture their votes, they must either send a Private Chat to the Host, or text one of the Vice Chairs in the same method already described in C, above.
    5. The final vote count will include the POLL Vote + Texted Votes.
    6. To audit the 21st LD vote tallies will include 4 resources:
      1. Electronic Reports – Available to the chair via the Zoom account owner
      2. Texts messages on the Vice Chair mobile phones
      3. Manual Report created during the meeting by the Vice Chairs
      4. Secretary minutes of the Reorg Meeting