This post is a WIP as of April 15, 2020 – Thanks for your patience!
Sharon Holt, Chair
Please check back soon

Each day I am inspired by the courage, goodwill & perseverance of the good people in our community working so hard during this Covid-19 pandemic. Your dedication and willingness to protect humanity from harm is truly uplifting. Thank you to everyone for putting others first; sacrificing personal pleasures, enduring loneliness, working extra hours, staying home, teaching your kids, or whatever you do in order to save lives.
It is well worth the effort.

Caucus? What Caucus?
The April 26th in-person LD Caucus was cancelled March 16 due to Covid-19.
It has been replaced by a new Delegate self nomination/PCO selection process, per the Wa Dems Party executive emergency decision.

Delegate self nomination in progress NOW -April 3-24. Register HERE.

Delegate Candidate Selection – PCOs (only) will Vote on April 26th.

Results of WA Primary Delegate Allocations for LD 21 on the website HERE

New Rules
Bylaws, Standing Rules, Code of Conduct Procedure have been Amended to keep improving our processes and respond to Covid-19 non-assembly orders. Thanks to the Rules Committee for getting this accomplished seamlessly.

Issues & Education
On April 15, a new resolution was passed, to Allow Equal Access to VoteBuilder for Democratic Candidates. Thank you to the Issues Committee for crafting up a quick response to a confusing situation when there are 2 or more Dems in a Race. The playing field should be equal, both the Incumbant and the challanger, as long as they are good Dems.


Fundraising & Events

In order to help candidates win races, we need to do more fundraising. A goal of $2,000 would give 8 candidates $250 each. Let’s get going!
Please send your fundraising ideas to events@21dems.org

May 17 is our planned date. This will likely be Zoom meeting. More on this as we get closer. Currently, the Endorsements Committee is setting up interviews with Candidates, starting this Saturday April 18th.

(more on this will be posted shortly)

Closing Remarks