August 2020 Chair’s Report

Hello Everyone,


Let’s get going and make this an election an experience we will never forget, and be proud of.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved.  The time is NOW!!!

There are a number of things happening, right now that I want to share with you.   The Primary has passed, and the final lap in the election cycle lies before us. 

How can you help?  What is the LD 21 doing?

How YOU can HELP:

  1. Please sign up for a shift on the Call to motivate registered voters to GOTV: 
    1. Here is a link to events sponsored by the WA State Dems –   
    1. Click below to sign up for 21st LD Dems Weekly Day of ACTION:
      9/3/20 21st LD Virtual Phonebank
      9/10/20 21st LD Virtual Phonebank
      A separate event will be set up each week, to welcome all 21st LD folks to join in the Calling, once a week. Using ZOOM, we can work as a team, together calling voters in our District about our local races, and making a difference in voter turnout in our local LD. (CHECK BACK FOR THE WEEKLY LINK or check the front page of the website)
  2. As a 21st LD PCO (or a 21st member working with a fellow PCO), Learn and/or Use the Vote Builder and Mini Van tools to outreach to your Precinct.  Contact for help getting started if this is new to you.  It is exciting to see your own neighborhood appear before your eyes, Check out the voting data (for example, find out the % of voters in your Precinct that voted or did NOT vote in the last election) and build your own Call and Walk lists. This can be a fun thing to do with a fellow member, or contact Al Apodaca, our PCO coordinator for help.
  3. Drop literature – Yes, wearing a mask, you can distribute candidate literature to voter’s doorstep.  More on this soon….
  4. Attend monthly LD21 General Business meetings every 3rd Wed. (currently on ZOOM).  You will be included in the decisions and planning for a bigger, better 21st LD!  Please don’t miss these meetings.  We need your support and energy. 
  5. Contribute what you can.  We use any extra money we collect to distribute to the Candidate or Campaign that is in the most need in our area. 
  6. Join a Committee – We need energy and support for each of the 6 21st LD Committees – Please review the Committee page  Click HERE to see more details on our website and contact the Committee Chair to ask any questions about what they are doing or planning,  to support the 21st LD.  Whether Fundraising, Issues, Technology, Endorsements, or whatever your interest, we have a committee for YOU! 

What is the LD21 Doing?

  1. We are currently setting up the 21st LD weekly Call events (see above).  Everyone can join the 5pm-8pm group Telecall event.  This is a way to outreach, help voters with Ballot questions, and encourage them to turn in their BALLOT!
  2. At the Sept. 16th LD21 7pm meeting, we will vote to distribute contributions to candidates per the recommendations of the Endorsement & Election Committee and EB.  Please don’t miss the Sept 16th LD21 General meeting.
  3. We are FUNDRAISING!  Next week (on or after Sept 14.), we have 300 Biden/Harris2020 Signs (courtesy of the Wa State Dems) to sell.  This is an opportunity to Fundraise, and build engagement and increase membership in the 21s LD.  Look for more information on this SOON!

WHAT’S Next?

Dates & Deadlines from the Secretary of State Website Click HERE for more info:

  • October 16
    Start of 18-day voting period (through Election Day). Ballots are mailed out and Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available at voting centers.
  • October 26
    Online and mail registrations must be received 8 days before Election Day.
  • November 3
    Deadline for Washington State voter registration or updates (in person only).
  • November 3
    General Election

Thank you all, for all you do.  We know some of you are barely hanging in there during the pandemic.  It has been a difficult time like nothing we ever experienced, yet we are making the best of it, day by day.  Do let us know if you see a way we can help.  Number ONE – Be Safe.

Best Regards,

Sharon Holt