General Meeting 8/19/20

Call to Order: 7:03pm

Chair Updates:

The State has decided to run a campaign to fill all of the empty PCO slots. The 21st LD will be hosting a call session every Thursday. The Washington State Democrats have donated Biden/Harris signs in order to raise funds for our LD.

Guest Speakers:

Mike Nelson:

Edmonds was one of the first cities in the state to issue a stay at home order and close streets to pedestrians. Edmonds was hit hard with the adult care facilities. They were able to utilize city staff to help out. Before the federal aid came, Edmonds issued funds to organizations and Edmonds businesses. Edmonds is not as affected by economic ups and downs, thus they are doing okay. Will be offering childcare for mainly low income housing. Edmonds has a task force to weed out systemic racism. 

Jennifer Gregerson:

Mukilteo is partnering with the county to have a social services person with the police department. They have utilized this to help the increasing homeless population with services. Have cancelled the Halloween events at the city centers. Most likely won’t get to phase 3 until at least the end of October. You can get added to Jennifer’s email update list by emailing Mukilteo businesses can apply for grant money up to $10,000. Jennifer has taken a very active role in the BLM movement in Mukilteo. She will be proposing a committee for social justice to the city council. You can send Payne Field comments to

Officer’s Reports:

1st Vice Chair: Just sent out a notice to PCO’s to start texting voters as we get into the voting season. Phone banking isn’t as successful as people no longer answer their phones. 59 PCO’s 29 General Members, 1 Auxiliary member

2nd Vice Chair/Resolutions committee: We will be going over resolutions in new business. 

State Committee: Nothing to report.

County Committee: County met on July 22nd. They have a new phone system so that you can text this new phone number and it goes to the chair. County has also bought Biden/Harris signs. Will hold a general meeting October 3rd. Gala will still happen. They do not have a date set, but it should be in September/October. There will be a digital reorg. Remember to buy local and buy Democrat. 

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: Utilizing the signs as a fundraiser. Will hold a meeting. If you have any ideas or questions you can email the committee at We want to support different organizations.

Endorsements Committee: Wanting to donate to our endorsed candidates if we think that it will be a close race. Will be looking at who to donate to at the next general meeting. 

New Business:


Resolution to Support R-90:

Motion to adopt resolution to support R-90 passed

Prosecution of George W. Bush et. al. for War Crimes:

Motion to adopt resolution. Motion to table the resolution passes. 

Resolution for a new Congressional Investigation events on September 11th, 2001 and the Anthrax letter attacks:

Motion to adopt resolution. There was fair discussion. Motion has not passed. 

Motion to Endorse Biden/Harris Motion to table until September meeting, not seconded. 

There was discussion: 1 for 0 nay. Motion Passes. 

Good of the order:

Jason Call has a campaign in West Virginia to elect progressive women. Link to the website

Encouraging people to use the drop boxes for mail-in ballots. 

Adjourned 9:24pm