Bylaws Amended April 15, 2020 – Add Emergency Provision for Virtual Meetings

In order to keep our organization running during the emergency situation we are now experiencing with the Covid-19 CoronaVirus, where we can not safely assemble for meetings in person due to social distancing, we need to make a change in our 21st LD Bylaws to allow remote meeting attendance.

By adopting the following proposal to expand our 21st LD Bylaws, ‘Section 5.09 Electronic Attendance‘, we will be able to hold remote meetings using online tools like Zoom. Attendees will receive an invitation containing the necessary information to login to attend the meeting using their phone or computer from their own home. Instructions and rules for meeting conduct will be provided so there is no confusion and we can simply do basic business like making motions, having discussions, and voting.

The following provision adding online meetings is proposed for adoption at the April 15 membership meeting. This is the primary update to the Bylaws:

Section 5.09 – Electronic Attendance

TEXT OF THE PROPOSED AMENDMENT IN SECTION 5.09 appears below in italics –

In the event a public emergency or natural disaster makes the holding of an in-person meeting of the organization unlawful or impossible, the organization may conduct its meetings by electronic or other remote access means as reasonably necessary for the duration of the emergency or disaster; provided that the organization shall use its best efforts to implement any such virtual meetings with full regard for the need to maintain as much as possible accessibility for all members, including those with disabilities and those who lack access to sophisticated technology tools.  Any action that could be taken at an in-person meeting, including bylaws amendments, may also be taken at a virtual meeting held pursuant to this clause but any action taken at any such virtual meeting shall be subject to ratification at the first regular meeting of the organization held after such virtual meeting or meetings.  During a virtual meeting, all reasonable technology must be used to authenticate each individual who attends.  Determination to hold a given meeting as virtual is by the Chair.

One other, secondary Amendment, adding a sentence in order to recognize the common practice of remote meetings by our 21st LD Committees, which is has been the current practice for over 2 years –

TEXT OF THE PROPOSED AMENDMENT IN SECTION 7. 6 appears below in italics

Section 7.06 – Electronic Attendance

At the discretion of the Committee Chair committee meetings may be held electronically.

Please note a couple of important details:
1. The action we take on April 15 (remotely voting to adopt a Bylaws Amendment) will be ratified (by another vote) when we next meet in person, which may be a few months from now, depending on the virus.
2. The Rules Committee, after review, unanimously voted to approve recommendation ‘To Adopt this Bylaws Amendment..

To see the entire Bylaws document, including the amendment, click the Download link below: