Chair – Final Report Dec 2020

Hello fellow 21st LD Democrats;

We are put on this Earth not to see through each other, but see each other through” – Gloria Vanderbilt

As my 2-year term as Chair of the 21st LD Dems comes to an end, it is time for both reflection, and for planning our future success as a political organization. I am so grateful for the many people that made this a special experience to remember.

A HUGE Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers, and especially the Executive Board (Al, Peter, Stephanie, David, Shaun, Simone, Joel, Rose, Ahamad, and Denisa) and Committee chairs (Clare, Sue, Darla, Peter, Joel, Micah) who each gave their time and unique creativity and support to advance the LD 21 Dems to extraordinary new heights of success. Going forward, Joel and the new Executive Board will lead us on in 2021.

I am confident that the 21st LD Dems organization will continue forward on our path to grow and become the most AWESOME LD in Washington state. Together, we will build our membership, fill vacant Precinct PCO positions, raise funds, help elect good democratic candidates, and promote good causes that support our democratic values.
Because together, we are stronger.

Looking back at our accomplishments, there are many.
Here are a few highlights:
1. Established an effective Code of Conduct (Jan 2019)
2. Led discussions on Caucus vs Primary with County & State (Feb 2019)
3. Established solid financial goals and improved PDC practices (2019)
4. Launched Virtual Endorsement Questionnaire Forms & online data capture, while coordinating with county to streamline the candidate endorsement process (2019, 2020)
5. Delivered fully transparent Endorsement Candidate reporting process (2019, 2020)

1. Established new Electronic Meeting Bylaws & Standing Rules (Mar-Dec 2020)
2. Increased PCOs to 68, the largest of any LD in Washington (May-Aug 2020)
3. Contributed $3,350 to Candidate & Initiative Campaigns (Sep – Dec 2020)
4. Fully funded next term Executive Board – passing $5,000+ on hand (2020)
5. Expanded virtual tools for Mass Communication and increased coordination across LD, County and State.
6. Acquired permanent Audio/Visual equipment for presentation capability.

The next chapter for me is to represent YOU at the State Party, as your LD21 Dems State Committee Member. It is my great honor to continue as a member of the 21st LD Dems Executive Board and help steer the organization towards progressive change and realization or our shared Democratic values – Climate protection, Health Care for All, just to name a few. There is so much more we need to DO! Please let me know your ideas.

As we enjoy the magic of the holiday season, let’s all look forward to a better 2021. I wish each and everyone of you and your families a heartfelt Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and good health and happiness in the New Year.

Warmest Regards,

Sharon Holt