Spring Chair’s Report

MAY 2019

We have accomplished a lot so far this Spring, building a strong and effective team. The 21st Legislative District is gearing up to lead the way electing excellent candidates in the upcomingAugust Primary.

We look forward to working with you, and our team of 21st LD PCOs & members, as well as the WA State Dems ‘Rise and Run’ staff to accomplish this goal. Together, we will promote voter registrations, and canvass our local and neighboring districts in order to make connections that resonate with our voters.

To get there, in the next period, we will be coordinating a number of relationship building opportunities – We will be
holding some new training sessions; actively listening and sharing our New Democratic Platform knowledge as we go door to door; hosting collaborative Debate Watch parties; scheduling some fun events & fundraising activities. We will be making an impact in each relationship we establish. It is all about the people we connect with. One person at a time.

Here’s how YOU can help us make a difference:
We are building committees that work well together, striving to produce results that matter; the rules, resolutions, candidate endorsements, PCO training, website & social media, fundraising and events teams all need more hands on deck. Please consider sharing a few hours each month to support one of these constructive committees with your unique talents and energy. Join a team today.

Thank you for your support of the 21st LD Democrats.

I would truly enjoy hearing from you!

Sharon Holt