County Committee Report 8/21/19

The Fair is upon us. So far we have at least 1 person for each shift to man the booth for our allotted days. We still need 1 person each to step up to fulfill the following shifts:

August 25th 10a – 2pm with Stephanie Schindler and 2pm – 6 pm with Roger Pence.

August 29th 10a – 2pm with Al Apodaca, 2pm to 6pm with Tom Jurewicz and 6pm – 10pm with Larry McIntosh.

Please use these links to sign up.

Evergreen State Fair Sunday August 25th 21st LD

Evergreen State Fair Thursday August 29th 21st and 32nd LD

If you’re thinking about wanting to become a delegate to the 2020 National Democratic Convention in Milwaukee, now is the time to start thinking about it seriously. Think about your campaign and fundraising.

The next County General Meeting is being scheduled for Oct 5th.