County Committee Report June 2019

The county have posted their endorsement list from their May 18th Endorsements meeting – you can find the list at this link:

We have resubmitted our date preferences for the fair – we did alter it slightly. Aug 25th, 24th and 29th have been submitted. Hope to know which date we get by the next board meeting.

This last board meeting primarily focused on the County By-laws overhaul, Standing rules and special rules. All that was presented were proposed changes on a working document.

A summary of these changes include:

-Clarification of membership definitions, dues, definition of loss of membership, add privacy language, and ban on sharing membership lists. -Officer definitions refined – by eligibility, vacancies, and duties. -Parliamentarian language stripped out. -Meetings redefined and methods of notification. -Executive board and committees redefined.

The standing rules materialized from a list of things that were stripped from the by-laws and these rules would take a simple majority to suspend. Things like budget, communications, and endorsements would become standing rules.

Special rules – which take a 2/3 majority to suspend included debate rules and endorsement consideration parameters.