Creating a New Committee Page

Committee pages require a number of steps to completely configure:


  • Posts Setup
    • Create 3 post categories
      • Reports
        • Slug: committees-reports-[CommitteeName]
      • Members
        • Slug: committees-members-[CommitteeName]
      • Announcements
        • Slug: committees-announcements-[CommitteeName]
    • Create a welcome post and categorize as announcement
  • Calendar Setup
    • Create calendar category
    • Find or create testt (Required so we can create the calendar shortcode)
      • Set category
    • Create Shortcode
      • List style
      • Minimal
      • Modal
      • Category
    • Note the shortcode number for later
  • Members
    • Create post for each member categorized as member category
  • User Role
    • Create user role for permission based access
      • Slug: committees-roles-[CommitteeName]

Create Page

  • Add new page
  • Open in Cornerstone
  • Import Committee Page template
  • Switch to Outline Mode
  • Click Classic Section – Image
    • Change first section background
    • Click second Classic Custom Headline
      • Change to committee name
  • In column one of second section, click content area
    • Change MEC id to proper shortcode
  • In column two, click classic recent posts
    • Change category to committees-announcements-[CommitteeName]
  • In column three, click each classic recent post and change category to¬†committees-members-[CommitteeName]
  • SAVE

Add Page to Menu