December 2017

December 2017 General Meeting Minutes

Meeting rescheduled and held on Jan 10, 2018

Guest Speakers

Kris McDuffy and Stewart Mhyre with Edmonds School District – regarding Edmonds School District levy

Shaun Olsen, Mukilteo School Board Member and 21st District Democrats State Committeeman – regarding Mukilteo

School District levy

Adam Cornell, Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor – regarding his candidacy for Snohomish County Prosecutor

Meeting Called to Order

Chairman Micah Rowland gaveled the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Adoption of Minutes

The minutes from our November 29th, 2017, General Business Meeting were adopted unanimously.

Officers Reports


The Chair reminded the body that our next General Business Meeting will be held on January 31st, 2018, at our normal venue. He also mentioned the upcoming state party meeting on January 27th.

Other important upcoming dates include the Legislative District caucus on March 24th, the county caucus on April 22nd, and the state party convention on June 16th.

1st Vice Chair

The First Vice Chair had nothing to report.

2nd Vice Chair

The Second Vice Chair was not able to attend the meeting.


The Acting Secretary had nothing to report.


The Treasurer read the current account balances for the organization and reported that all our bills are up to date.

County Committeewoman

The County Committeewoman reminded the body of the upcoming county party meeting on February 3rd, 2018, and the county party board meeting on January 23rd.

County Committeeman

The County Committeeman had nothing to report.

State Committeewoman

The State Committeewoman had nothing to report, but did ask to confirm that we would begin discussing our plan of action for 2018 at the regularly scheduled January General Business Meeting on January 31st.

State Committeeman

The State Committeeman reminded the body of an upcoming deadline on January 31st for submitting suggestions to the state party.

Old Business

There was no old business to discuss.

New Business

New business under discussion included the election of a new organization secretary, following the resignation some months ago of previous Secretary Michelle Devilier. Acting Secretary Neil Shafer-Ross was the only nominee. Neil ShaferRoss was elected as the new organization Secretary.

Good of the Order

Al Apodaca, our PCO Recruitment Coordinator, asked the body for assistance with approaching and recruiting potential PCOs.

A suggestion was made to place a list of current and active PCOs in a members only section of the organization’s website, to make it easier for members to contact their local PCO or know if their precinct does not have one.

Roger Pence made a reminder that the deadline for filing for PCO is in May, and that online filing is available.

Jason Call, the Snohomish County Democratic Party’s State Committeeman, introduced himself to the body, and offered to assist our organization with PCO recruitment.

Sharon Holt made a suggestion that the organization purchase nametags for certain officers, which will cost an estimated $1.38 each. It was decided that we should put this up for a motion at the January 31st meeting.

Motion to Adjourn

A motion adjourn was made, and the Chair adjourned the meeting around 8:15 PM.