Education & Issues 12/12 Meeting Summary

We demand pay!

Having just passed new bylaws, we reviewed the Education and Issues section to remind ourselves of the committee’s mission statement.

1) Train members and PCO’s in:

i) meeting process

ii) canvassing

2) Educate on issues relevant to the 21st LD, including

i) produce briefs for canvassing

ii) getting speakers for general meetings & events

To address (1) we decided to contact PCO coordinator Al and Jon Peebles to work out a time & place to compare notes.  We also brainstormed that we could ask our PCO’s to send out monthly updates to the voters in their precincts of what happened at the meetings, such as the minutes.  Furthermore, we could give each PCO a cheat sheet of Robert’s Rules to help people get used to the process.

To avoid re-inventing the wheel, we decided to visit neighboring LD’s to learn how their edu & issues committees operate.  The 1st LD meets Jan 3rd in Bothell, the 32nd meets Jan 9th in Shoreline, and the meeting time and places of the 38th and 44th LD’s are unknown.  We also want to contact Sharon about getting our meetings on the county website.

To address (2) we decided to contact the Fundraising and Events committee for the purpose of hosting events/meetings for PCO’s and members for teaching about specific issues.  PCO monthly updates could also contain info about issues and events we set up.

Following that, the chair briefed the committee on the climate change resolution he had been working on and we through out a few other resolution ideas.

We then closed by deciding we wanted to also contact Sharon about setting up a survey monkey thing that could help the edu & issues committee decide on the best day and time to meet each month, no matter how many people join the committee or how member’s situations change.