February 2018

February 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Meeting held on February 28, 2018

Guest Speaker

State Congressman Strom Peterson and State Congresswoman Lillian Ortiz-Self addressed the body over Skype. Topics of discussion included recent legislation regarding voting rights, state opioid policy, a ban on bump stocks, the surrogate act, and the state budget. The legislators also discussed recent efforts to protect constituent privacy, particularly with regard to emails, and the ongoing discussions to find a middle ground that respects both privacy and transparency.

Adoption of Minutes

The minutes from the January meeting were amended to correct some misspelled names, and were then adopted as amended.

Officers Reports


The Chair informed the body of the recent resignation of the Snohomish County Democrats’ correspondence secretary. He also informed the body that a caucus planning appointment had been made, and summarized the current state of the LD’s Precinct Committee Officers roster.

State Committee Representatives

The State Committeewoman and State Committeeman made a joint report, in which they discussed a resolution to follow up on I-1600, which seeks to guarantee health coverage to all residents of Washington State. Cassidy Butler is a contact working with that campaign.

County Committee Representatives

The County Committeewoman and County Committeeman have provided extensive notes from the last county meeting on February 3. Items of importance to the 21st LD include the pending confirmation of the new corresponding secretary for the Snohomish County Democrats, Stephanie Vignal. The county committee also voted on and passed several resolutions concerning single payer healthcare, Puget Sound Energy’s liquefied natural gas power plant, responsible gun legislation, safe injection sites in unincorporated Snohomish County, and a request to lawmakers to oppose allowing discrimination based on religious ideology (which would be allowed under certain new federal regulations).

They also reminded the body that the Washington State Democrats are still trying to raise $25,000 for the “Rise and Organize” effort, and that any funds raised over that amount can be spent on election campaigns.

PCO Coordinator

The PCO Coordinator informed the body of an upcoming phone bank night for the purpose of promoting the March 24 LD Caucus, which will be held at the Mukilteo City Hall. He is asking for a team of 9 volunteers to make the calls. He also reminded the body that the filing period for 2018 PCO elections is May 14 – 18.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

New business included the election of delegates to attend upcoming meetings of the Washington State Democratic Party, and vote in committees thereof.
Sharon Holt was elected to the state Platform Committee by secret ballot.
Roger Pence was elected to the state Credentials Committee by secret ballot.
Niko Battle was the sole nominee to the state Rules Committee, and was elected by acclamation.

A slate of resolutions was submitted to the body by the Education and Issues Committee, and voted on.

A resolution concerning nuclear arms was passed.

A resolution concerning gun control was amended, and then passed as amended.

A resolution was proposed that the organization appoint a 4 person task force for the purpose of finding a new location to hold meetings. The resolution failed to pass.