First Vice Chair and PCO Coordinator Reports Apr 2019

First Vice Chair

  1. Sent email to all Committee Chairs and offered training on how to post meetings, events and calendar items on the web site. Committee Chairs should use this site to communicate with their committee members and all membership of the 21st regarding upcoming meetings and events.

PCO Coordinator

  1. Sent email to all PCOs and offered training on how to create walk lists for their precincts, how to load walk lists on the MiniVan app, how to use, Minivan, and how to canvass neighborhood voters in their precinct.
  2. Provided one PCO 1:1 Votebuilder / canvassing training session.
  3. Contacted all PCOs on upcoming opportunities on how to learn about issues and candidates.
  4. Currently we have 53 PCOs. But we have about 140 precincts to cover. We are enlisting you help to recruit new PCOs for precincts that are not represented by a PCO.