First Vice Chair, PCO Coord., Membership Reports August 2019

First Vice Chair

  1. Sent reminder to all members and PCOs to attend the August 21 general meeting at Mukilteo City Hall
  2. Reminded members to utilize the organization’s website to keep updated on current events
  3. Looking for members to participate on several committees
  4. Looking for County Fair volunteers to cover Aug 25 and 29

PCO Coordinator

  1. Continuing to offer Votebuilder training to PCOs
  2. No canvassing or phone banking reported for the month of August.
  3. Currently have 51 PCOs in place
  4. Currently working on a generic door hanger (slim Jim style) for PCOs to use during canvassing – goal is to have ready in September


  1. Have 87 members in the organization
  2. 2 new members have paid in August so far