First Vice Chair, PCO Coord., Membership Reports Sep 2020

First Vice Chair

  1. Still working with Chair and State Democrats organization to provide campaign signs for the presidential election. Signs should be received very soon.
  2. Working with Fundraising & Events Committee to sell Biden Harris yard signs. Fundraising will help our group to help candidates along with our group activities.

PCO Coordinator

  1. Contacted all PCOs and requested that they all start to contact their precinct voters via phone texting. PCO Coordinator has offered to help create phone lists and provided the script that PCOs could use to complete the project. PCO Coordinator also recommended a daily target of 40 texts to split up the work load for PCOs.
  2. Now PCOs need to carry out their responsibility and contact their precinct voters and urge them to vote and turn in their ballots.


  1. Have 93 members in the organization (89 last month) – consisting of 60 member PCOs, 31 general members, 2 auxiliary members.
  2. All PCOs are asked to update their membership and pay their annual dues via the website, or request a financial waiver.