First Vice Chair, PCO Coord., Membership Reports Aug 2020

First Vice Chair

  1. Working with Chair and State Democrats organization to provide campaign signs for the presidential election. This plan is in the works and we should have information this week about this effort.

PCO Coordinator

  1. Notified all PCOs, via mass texting tool, to please start contacting their precinct voters in preparation for the November 3 general election. Phone texting has been recommended to be a quick and reliable way to the message out to voters. Votebuilder database is the main source of phone information for PCOs to utilize.


  1. Have 89 members in the organization – consisting of 59 member PCOs, 29 general members, 1 auxiliary member.
  2. All PCOs are asked to update their membership and pay their annual dues via the website, or request a financial waiver.