First Vice Chair, PCO Coord., Membership Reports February 2020

First Vice Chair

  1. Worked with Chair to plan for LD Caucus in April and to create teams to cover certain tasks and responsibilities to conduct a smooth caucus.
  2. Worked with Chair to submit 2016 PDC reports to clear reporting violations from that year.

PCO Coordinator

  1. Created another leaflet be used by PCOs to pass to their precinct voters – regarding GOTV and Democratic values.
  2. We have 55 official PCOs in place.
  3. Made phone calls to all PCOs on Feb 11 – 17 to ask for their help in reaching voters by helping with the state’s Coordinated Campaign plan. Awaiting return calls or emails from those PCOs.
  4. Went canvassing with a fellow PCO Coordinator in another LD to call on their PCO members. It is critical for all PCOs to activate and begin calling on their precinct voters. Otherwise, voter turnout will continue to be low.


  1. Have 95 members in the organization – consisting of 55 PCOs, 36 general members, 4 auxiliary members. Those General Members who do not renew their memberships will be removed in mid-March.
  2. All PCOs, general members and auxiliary members are asked to update their membership via the website.