First Vice Chair, PCO Coord., Membership Reports January 2020

First Vice Chair

  1. Gave current treasurer report – we are in good shape for the year, but need strong fundraising plan for 2020 se we can carry out many GOTV activities, offer campaign contributions for endorsed candidates, pay for general operating expenses and the April LD caucus expenses.

PCO Coordinator

  1. Conducted 1 Votebuilder training session with 1 PCO.
  2. Added three new PCOs who were recommended by Snohomish County Democratic organization. We now have 55 official PCOs in place.
  3. Mailed postcards to 45 precinct voters addressed in my Beverly precinct to bring up local and national issues along with the importance to vote and to get involved in our local organization.
  4. Sent out an email to all PCOs to remind them that their Votebuilder accounts need to be in working order so they can create walk lists and enter any information regarding their contact with their precinct voters. Asked them to contact me if they are unable to access their account.


  1. Have 89 members in the organization – consisting of 55 PCOs, 30 general members, 4 auxiliary members.
  2. All PCOs, general members and auxiliary members are asked to update their membership via the website. Secondary options are via Square reader and bank check. Any general and auxiliary memberships that are not renewed will drop off the membership list in March. Please renew as soon as possible.