General Meeting Notes, Apr. 19, 2023

21Dems General Meeting Apr. 19, 2023

Notes – Peter Henry, Secretary.

Hybrid – in person at Mukilteo City Hall

I joined meeting about 7:10 via Zoom, tech is setting up OWL

Connection is very spotty. I can hear if a single person is speaking using the mic up front but I am not able to follow conversation.

Treasurer’s report (Teresa Melin): 

I will give my update here on the treasurer duties.  I had to transfer $500 for victory to OPS to cover yearly expenses.  Balances for the Victory account are $3636.31.  Balance for OPS is $1080.12.  Simple Texting and all credit card transaction have been updated so that all bills moving forward will not be late and will be paid as scheduled.

Presentations by candidates for various city councils, SnoCo Sheriff

Discussion about committee membership

Miscellaneous discussion

Adjourn at 9:15 pm