General Meeting Notes, Mar. 15, 2023

21Dems General Meeting Mar. 15, 2023

Notes – Peter Henry, Secretary.

On Zoom – Sharon Holt, Jennifer Delia-Bereskin, Thom Garrard

In person it looks like about 20

I joined meeting about 7:05 via zoom

Welcome Rep. Lilian Ortiz-Self – Legislative report


Q – Let’s be careful … to ensure that teacher standards are still high. 

A – Bill will provide an entire year of co-teaching, a big step up.

Q – Status on assault rifle ban?

A – We passed it in the House along partisan lines and sent to the Senate. Looks good, Inslee will sign it if he gets it.

Q – What are prospects for full funding of SpEd?

A – Won’t be fully funded but will increase. Improved testing for young students; increases per-student money

Q – ??

A – From Sen. Frey, anticipate we will pass something.

Q – Question about unionization – seems low level of unionization  (?)

A – Washington has a high rate of unionization. 16% seems low to me.

[Thom Garrard checked – 18% according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics]

Abuses – warehouse workers being evaluated based on a quota. They aren’t told what the quota is! They don’t take bathroom breaks … 

Bill would enforce transparency. Lots of push-back. 

Bill to guarantee rest breaks and food breaks for nurses; safe caseload. Passed from Senate, passed House

Budget report – Micah

Costs are going up – We will have to cut costs and increase dues

Big expense is Zoom – currently $50 per month.

We are looking for options.

MailChimp is about $20 (?) $27 (?) per month

SimpleTexting from Apple is free. Our current provider for texting is $25/month

We will vote on budget next month (?)

Picnic – We only have $30 budgeted

Discussion on dues – traditionally $25/year. 

Motion – Sharon Holt, Seconded by Mindy Woods to change dues to $35/month

Motion passes per Chair, Micah Rowland.

Committee Assignments

Everyone in attendance is urged to sign up for a committee

Endorsements and Elections Committee

Education and Issues Committee

Technology Committee

Rules Committee