General Meeting 7/15/20

7PM Meeting Call to order

We went over the agenda and it was adopted.

Chair Announcements:

Welcome to the New Members and PCOs

Sharon acknowledged our native tribes that were originally in our area. 

Our bylaws indicate that we can skip our August meeting, however due to the current situation the eboard recommends that we maintain the August meeting as it is possible we may not have a picnic.  

Guest Speakers

Leah Griffin:

Speaking about Ref 90. SB5395 passed to have comprehensive sex education in Washington states. This creates inclusive sex education, age appropriate sex education, comprehensive consent education. After SB5395 was passed, the opposition got enough signatures in order to put this on the ballot. This will be on the November ballot. 

Strom Peterson:

Ballots will be in the mail by Friday. Make sure you vote and get your friends and neighbors to vote. There have been some racist acts in Edmonds this last week.

Treasurer’s Report:

Total: $4354.74 

Officers Reports 

Chair – Sharon Holt:

Push to move along in the world as far as the Democratic logo of the Donkey. We can form a committee to change our logo. The board voted to spend $200 to send out a text to get people to vote. When people talk to people we can get updated phone information to Al that would be great. 

1VC – Al Apodaca: 

Everyone should have received a reminder about today’s meetings. We are having phone-banking sessions. Tomorrow we will have a phone-banking session. We have added one PCO since last month. Total of 88 members as of today.  

2VC – Peter Henry: Nothing to report

Secretary – Stephanie Sanders: Nothing to report

Treasurer – David Chan: Nothing to report

State Committee Rep. – Shaun Olsen:

State committee hasn’t met since the last meeting. Shaun believes that they need to do a better job of getting information out to the democratic party. 

State Committee Rep. – Simone Gomez: Absent. 

County Rep. – Rose Andrews: T

The county party changed their logo. The Donkey came from Andrew Jackson, thus the reason for the change. Will host the fundraising gala in October, which will be virtual. If we have anything to donate to the silent auction. 

County Rep. – Joel Ware IV

Sgt. At Arms – Ahamad Ceesay: Absent

Young Dems Liaison – Denisa Ruxandar: Absent

Committee Reports – See the website for posting of Reports

Diversity/Membership – Darla Varrenti, Al Apodaca: Nothing to report.

Fundraising & Events – Sue Nicholls: Nothing to report.

Endorsement & Elections – Clare VanHollebeke: Nothing to report. 

Issues & Education – Peter Henry: Issues and education committee will be meeting. We will be going over some resolutions that a member has submitted.

Rules – Joel Ware: Haven’t had a meeting recently, but will be looking at doing some work on the bylaws. 

Technology – Hasn’t been a lot of work on the website. We have added pictures on the endorsements page. 

New Business:

August 4 Primary – Phone Banking Boost: Everyday of the week they are doing phone banking from 5pm-8pm. They have training sessions for phone banking. Would like to select a day of action where we work with our candidates. Motion to form a committee to have a day of action approved. We will work out at our next meeting if we will be having a picnic or not. 

Motion to remove Simone as the state representative. Not seconded.

Motion to endorse Jason Call, there was fair discussion. Motion failed.

Old Business

Good of the Order

Meeting Adjourned 9:30pm