General Meeting 11/20/19

Before the meeting we set up a voting sheet for people to choose which candidate they were leaning toward. We then watched the debate and had everyone vote again with a different color to see if anyone changed their mind. 

Meeting called to order at 8:30pm

Since we did not have a  quorum, we were not able tovot on any motions.

There was an announcement that anyone who wants to join the holiday party planning committee they could still do so. 

There is a tentative plan to have our holiday party at Mr. T’s Moonshine BBQ. We wil invite Alex Henderson’s family as honorary guests.

Membership payments will be due in January. If you pay now it will last for the whole year.

Treasurers report: $4700

Welcomed New Member Dwight.

Committee Reports

Tech:Upgrading allow new membership payments.

Officers Reports:

Absent: Rose, Shaun, Peter, Simone, Joel

1st: Membership committee meeting canceled. 

We had a good amount of discussion about the debate.

Meeting adjourned 9:16 am