January 2023 SCM Activities Report

Sharon Holt, State Committee Rep for LD21

At the LD21 Level, as a member of the Executive Board, and the Technology and Rules, and Endorsement committes, I continue to wear a few hats.
At the State level, we are just getting assigned new Roles, so I will have more to share after the upcoming meeting this weekend 1/28/23 in Olympia.

LD21 Leadership Activities In Progress as of Jan 25, 2023:

  1. Transitioning Roles – Assisting the Chair to update the web host and website, as well as Tool Access (such as Zoom, PayPal, MailChimp, 21dems permissions, etc.). (INPROGRESS)
    Making sure permission of each unique EB member are set at the appropriate level of security. This is necessary every 2 years, as access is updated to reflect new 2023-2024 Term Officers.
    Even our photo headshots still need to be completed! (INPROGRESS).
  2. Reviewing proposed LD21 Budget and LD21Committee assignments in preparation for Jan & Feb LD21 General membership approvals (PENDING).
  3. New copy of our LD21 Map from the Snohomish County Office (PENDING)
  4. www.21dems.org Website review & updates – We have a number of improvements so we are prioritizing our work to continuously improve our website for the overall benefit of all 21 LD members. If you have a suggestion or question, please send email to technology@21dems.org (ONGOING)
  5. New LD21 Documentation updates – To allow for ZOOM meetings of the LD 21 General membership, we need to DRAFT a section to add to our existing Standing Rules for VIRTUAL MEETINGS, and simultaineouly update the Bylaws. Presently, we only have established for limited use of Virtual, suchas during an official Emergency, As it stands today, we do not do ‘HYBRID’ meetings, as they can be more complicated to manage – this specifially applies to methods used for credentialling, Voting Tallies, Debate management, etc. A Draft is PENDING at this time.

WSDCC – Wa State Democratic Central Committee Activities as of Jan 25, 2023

  1. Training for SCM members prior to the Olympia meeting was held last Sunday 1/15/23.(COMPLETE)
  2. Confering with Candidates for STATE REORG – There are many new folks stepping up to run for various State level leadership positions. Electing new officers means that we have the potential to change the make up (diversity, approach, methods, direction, focus) of this important body, that will be heavily influenced by the newly elected State Executive Board members. Bearing the needs and progressive interests of the LD21 community, I will vote for the best possible candidates. (IN PROGRES)
  3. I was elected CD1 Representative on the Labor Caucus Executive Board (COMPLETE)
  4. I will be attending the Environmental Caucus and Womens Caucus upcoming meetings

Those are just some quick Highlights.

As always, I continue to support others with anything needed to get the job done, such as working with new members to login and use the 21dems.org twebsite, and assist the LD21 Chair, EB, and Appointed PCO Coordinator to use the website, tools, and work on documentaion updates.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions, anytime.

Sharon Holt
425 478-2418