July Secretary’s Report

Hard to believe it’s almost August already!

The Washington State primary election is almost here, and in a few short weeks we’ll know which of our Puget Sound area Democratic candidates will be squaring off in November with Republicans. I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks getting to know the candidates and campaign managers working in the Snohomish County legislative districts, in anticipation of members of our LD looking for ways to help out. I have introduced myself to most of the campaigns nearby, and I’m ready to start putting volunteers in touch with them!

Several races in the area do have primaries to resolve, and most of the candidates who are engaged in a primary have been reluctant to ask me to send volunteers. That will be over very shortly, however, and I’m ready to hit the ground running on August 8th!

If you are interested in volunteering with a nearby campaign, please email me at Secretary@21Dems.org. You can also check out the 21Dems.org calendar, where I’ve been putting up the campaign events that I’m aware of.



Neil Shafer-Ross

Secretary, 21st LD Democrats