General Meeting 6/16/21 DRAFT

21Dems General Meeting June 16, 2021

Notes – Peter Henry, Secretary.

19 members and guests as of 6:16


We are pleased to have a Special Guest Presentation:

   Juneteenth! — with Alicia Crank


7:21        Call to Order (after 20 minutes adventure with Zoom)

7:05         Announcements – none

7:10         Approve Agenda, Introduce Guests, Electeds and Candidates

7:15-7:45      Guest Presentation:  Juneteenth! — with Alicia Crank

7:45         Minutes of Previous Meetings

8:00         Old Business

8:05         New Business

• Officer Reports:  Chair, 1VC, 2VC, Secy, Treas, CCP1/2, SCP1/2, YD Lia 

• Committee Reports / Ratification:

• Endorsements/Elections

• Fundraising/Events

• Issues/Education

• Membership&Diversity

• Rules

• Technology

8:20    BIO break until 8:25

8:25    Issues and Education

• Proposed Resolutions (tbd)

8:45         Good of the Order

9:00         Adjourn

Call to Order – 7:21

No announcements

Approve agenda

Thom G. – Drop previous minutes because they are not ready to be reviewed.

5 minutes to talk about importance of PRO act

Chair – We will consider this request at the time.

Agenda adopted w/o objection

Recognize candidates and elected officials

Elected officials Susan Paine, David Chan, Riaz Khan

Candidates Alicia Crank (Edmonds City Council pos. 1), Demi Chatters

Senate voted unanimously to make Juneteenth a national holiday; very little dissent in the House

Alicia Crank – presentation on Juneteenth

Old business – none

New business

Chair’s report – Joel Ware – Free organizing training program – 3 week, 6 part training course. Registration deadline June 20, 8:59 pm

Second vice chair – Sue Nicholls – Nothing to report

Secretary – Need to upload several draft notes/minutes to the website

County Committee Person #1 – Heather Damron – Nothing new to report

JW – County Dems will pay for a booth at the fair, also at the Nubian Fest

State Committee Person #1 – Sharon Holt – Concerns about the way the State Dems budget was handled. According to State Chair, “There is a lot going on at the federal FEC level” – assurances given that the process for reviewing budget will be improved.

Redistricting – June 22 there will be a Zoom meeting to collect public input.

State Committee Person #2 – Thom Garrard – We will probably be able to do in-person doorbelling this year.

Fundraising Committee – Sue Nicholls – Our Picnic is on! Thanks to Sharon Holt for reserving picnic area at Mukilteo lighthouse! Date is August 29. We will provide burgers, buns and beans, everyone else provide something to “go with.” Message to help. Sponsors (e.g. to donate prizes, to pay for the food…) would be appreciated!

Trivia contest – no indoor venues until Covid restrictions are relaxed. Outdoors will be problematic. 

Endorsement/Elections – Heather Damron – Thank you to those who attended the endorsement meetings

Possibly joint candidate forum with 32nd District Dems

Issues and Education – Nothing

Membershp and Diversity – Crickets

Rules – Nothing

Technology – Nothing

Proposed Resolution – Thom Garrard moved Susan Paine second

Support the PRO act (Protecting Right to Organize)

Resolution passes 14 – 0 (plus my Yea vote in the chat)

Good of the Order

Adjourn w/o objection