General Meeting 6/17/2020

Call to Order 7:02

Chair welcomes new members

Special Guest – Bob Hasegawa – presentation with Q&A on State Bank in WA – To get involved or get more information there is a Facebook page – State Bank for WA.

Credential report 22 members/ PCOS present

Motion to Approve agenda – Passes

Treasurer’s Report – Fully reported with the state – reporting weekly. Acct balance – $4,270.84

Officers reports – 

Chair – PCO acknowledgments, 85 members

1st Vice Chair – comment on the past convention and use of mass text tool.

-As PCO Coordinator – 57 PCOs, 2 appointed until election in August where those appointed will become elected.

– Reminder of how to pay dues online.

2nd Vice Chair – no comment

-As Resolutions Committee – Black Lives Matter Resolution to present in new business.

State Committee – Comments on the past state convention. Mostly limited participation. Charter and by-laws passed to effectively close the doors to the public.

County Committee – no news – Board meeting 6/23/20 7 p.m. via Zoom.

Sgt A Arms – no report

YD Liason – not present

Committee Reports –

M+D – no report. Voter Registration Drives?

F+E – meeting to be scheduled. Picnic scheduled for August 30st at Lighthouse State Park, unless Covid-19 measures tighten back up preventing us from gathering. More Fundraising ideas coming.

E+E – no endorsements currently pending. After August Primary, there will likely be more. Consider donations to candidates.

Rules – no report

Tech – Upgrade software for website.

New Business – 

Resolution – In support of Black Lives matter – Pass 9 -2 as amended

  • amended to say ‘defund at least 50%’ debate For – Gant, Against – R. McManus ’ – pass 9 to 5
  • amended to say ‘and reallocate those funds to fund social service agencies…’ for – Paul Ferrari, against – Gant – pass 8 to 2

Guest allowed to speak – Neil Jagger

No old business.

Good of the Order

Adjourn 9:15 p.m.