March/ April 2020 County Report

The County Board met 3/24/20 via Zoom.

The County Convention scheduled for May 3rd has been cancelled. That being said, the 2018 platform will stand for the next term.

PCO appointments have been frozen at this time. PCO appointments will unfreeze after current PCOs have voted on the delegate selection for the state. Once this has been completed, PCO appointments will be unfrozen. Applications are still being accepted.

It was discussed if we could feasibly hold a Snohomish County General meeting via Zoom, we agreed it wasn’t and that a newsletter would be sent out instead.

We also discussed what will come of the normal Special Endorsements Meeting we usually hold in May. This has been postponed for further discussion.

There was long discussion about amending our by-laws to allow for voting in meeting formats like Zoom.

The Evergreen State Fair has not been cancelled yet, and though our LD has elected to not participate, if you still want to get involved anyway, you are welcome to do so. Monica Chilton (Chair of the 1st LD) and Mary Rollins of the 38th have volunteered to spear head the committee. Please reach out to either of them if you want to be involved in that event.