October 2020 Chair’s Report

Hello Everyone,

This is IT!  The stakes couldn’t be higher in this election, as I am sure you well know. 
We have only a couple more weeks to make a difference in our destiny so please DO attend Oct 21 LD General Business meeting to hear about ways you can help out.  |

There are GOTV activities and events planned EVERYDAY before we reach Nov 3.  There are many questions about safety and ballot management, a Halloween Phone bank (optional costume on 31st), and the Election Night Gala – you won’t want to miss all the fun. 

Right now, ALL volunteers are needed – LET ME REPEAT –  WE NEED EVERY PERSON FOCUSED on contacting our voters so we hope that you (yes YOU) sign up for AT LEAST ONE phone bank shift, and attend our Wed. Oct 21st  LD meeting, too.  THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!

Here is the LINK to sign up for one of the daily events. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email chair@21dems.org or feel free to call or text me anytime.

How can you help?  What is the LD 21 doing?

How YOU can HELP:

  1. Please sign up for a shift on the virtual phone bank call – WE ARE Contacting all registered voters to GOTV: 
    1. Here is a link to events sponsored by the WA State Dems – https://www.wa-democrats.org/organizingevents/   
  2. Sign wave Saturdays 1-3 (see Sign waving Web Post for locations)
  3. Attend monthly LD21 General Business meetings every 3rd Wed. (currently on ZOOM).  You will be included in the decisions and planning for a bigger, better 21st LD!  Please don’t miss these meetings.  We need your support and energy. 
  4. Contribute what you can.  We use any extra money we collect to distribute to the Candidate or Campaign that is in the most need in our area. 
  5. Join a Committee – We need energy and support for each of the 6 21st LD Committees – Please review the Committee page  Click HERE to see more details on our website and contact the Committee Chair to ask any questions about what they are doing or planning,  to support the 21st LD.  Whether Fundraising, Issues, Technology, Endorsements, or whatever your interest, we have a committee for YOU! 

What is the LD21 Doing?

  1. Sept 25th we distributed $3,000 to Candidates per our membership’s vote to distribute 21st LD Dems Victory funds at our Sept LD meeting.
  2. We are planning ahead for Reorg (proposed date Sat Dec 5) and preparing for turnover to new EB.
  3. Almost all 300 Biden/Harris2020 Signs have either been sold or are being distributed around the 21st LD. It is starting to look BLUE!
  4. All new 2021-2022 PCOs have been incorporated into our membership and communication distributions for Training, Events, Meetings, etc.
  5. Nov 1 Start of the 2021 Membership drive – EVERYONE – Please pay your Annual Dues $25 to keep this organization running smoothly.
  6. Nov 3 Activities planned:
    1. General Election – All day Virtual Phone Bank Sign up HERE
    2. Snohomish County DigiGALA – Tickets on Sale now.
    3. Observers are welcome (if room available) at Voter locations.
  7. Nov 5 – PCO Survey from WA- Dems – Please return promptly. This will help in recruiting MORE PCOs to fill vacant Precincts (LD21 is about 50% PCO Coverage, but we need a PCO in EVERY Precinct to be most effective.
  8. Dec 5 – LD 21 Reorganization
  9. Dec 12 – Snohomish County Reorganization

WHAT’S Next?

Dates & Deadlines from the Secretary of State Website Click HERE for more info:

  • October 16Nov 3
    Start of 18-day voting period (through Election Day). Ballots are mailed out and Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available at voting centers.
  • October 26
    Online and mail registrations must be received 8 days before Election Day.
  • November 3
    Deadline for Washington State voter registration or updates (in person only).

Thank you for all you do to help elect good Democrats!

Your Chair,
Sharon Holt
425 478-2418