Official LD Poem

I’m tired of fear, how it feeds oppressive and irresponsible behaviors.
I’m tired of manipulation, by the corporate agenda, trolls, and wall street players.
I’m tired of unrestrained capitalism and it’s perpetual corruption and greed.
I’m tired of the Oligarchy dictating what they think we need.

I’m done with the American Legislative Executive Council hacks.
I’m done with baseless arguments with false and diluted facts.
I’m done with predatory private public partnerships chipping away at our vital social infrastructures.
I’m done with fascist ignorance that breeds repression of ethnic cultures.

I’m ready to set an example with acknowledgment, honor, and respect.
I’m ready to help lift the voices of those that struggle from neglect.
I’m ready for the changing of the guard and to shake the foundation.
I’m ready to stand up and shout, “It’s time to change the conversation.”

Who’s with me?

-Submitted by Rose Andrews, County Committee Representative