Ranked Choice Voting

Resolution Supporting the Implementation of Ranked Choice Voting

WHEREAS the State Legislature is considering HB 1310 relating to the presidential primary in an attempt to amend the presidential primary process; and

WHEREAS Democrats hold majorities in both chambers of the Legislature and the Governor of Washington, also being a Democrat, we have an opportunity and mandate to advance the Washington State Democratic Party Platform and ensure a fair and inclusive election process; and

WHEREAS the Washington State Democratic Party Platform states: “We Call for: … Electoral processes intended to increase voter participation and confidence in our electoral system, including such significant changes as… instant runoff voting (ranked choice voting).”; and

WHEREAS With the addition of a ranked choice process in the presidential primary, if that primary should be used for delegate allotment, and in the event of a candidate receiving less than a required threshold for delegate allotment, this would ensure that those voters are not disenfranchised and that their votes are not wasted.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 21st Legislative Democratic Organization urges the Washington State Legislature to implement ranked choice voting (also known as IRV) for all presidential, federal, and state primary, general and special elections in the State of Washington, and urges the various county municipal authorities to likewise pass ordinances implementing ranked choice voting for all such elections at the municipal levels as well; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be transmitted to the Governor of the State of Washington, the Lt. Governor of the State of Washington, the members of the Washington State Legislature, and the Washington Secretary of State, and a press release be issued.

Adopted 2/20/2019 by the 21st LD Democrats

Submitted by Shaun Olsen – Olivia PCO and State Committee Member 21st LD