Resolution for Safe Opening of Schools

Proposed by Peter Henry, Feb. 7, 2021

Recommended “Do Pass” by Issues and Education Committee, Feb. 9, 2021


  • Remote learning is not working for many students, especially those who are at risk for falling behind
  • Remote learning is worsening the already glaring inequities in educational opportunities between students who have access to needed resources to excel, and those who don’t, particularly students of color, English language learners and students receiving special education services
  • Remote learning is more difficult and stressful for educators than in-person education
  • It is unsafe to open schools to in-person learning, due to the risk of spreading Covid 
  • Students can catch and spread Covid as well as adults, and could easily spread it to their family members, including those who might be at increased risk of serious illness or death

Therefore, be it resolved

  • The 21st District Democrats call for in-person public education to resume only as soon as it is safe to do so 
  • We insist that the following safety measures be implemented:
    • All school employees have the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid
    • Students should be vaccinated at the request of their parents (after the vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective for their age group) 
    • Other safety measures are provided, such as demonstrated adequate ventilation with outdoor air or filtration, adequate personal protective equipment for all students and staff, and adequate training of all staff
  • This resolution will be forwarded to the Washington State Democrats Central Committee and the Snohomish County Democrats

This resolution will also be forwarded to the State elected representatives from the 21st Legislative District and also the local school boards in our district (Edmonds, Mukilteo)