Resolution in support of raising homestead exemption

Be It Resolved that the 21st Legislative District Democrats support passage by the WA State Legislature of SB 5408 which:

  • Raises the homestead exemption from $125,000 to the median value per county of a single-family home, and
  • Ensures bankruptcy filers won’t lose their homestead exemption due to property value increases after the date of filing, and
  • Ensures that people will keep their cars and RVs protected as a homestead.
  • This resolution will be sent to the SnoCo Dems, the Washington State Democrats Central Committee, the KingCo Dems, the Skagit County Dems and the elected reps from our 21st District.

Proposed by Peter Henry & Sharon Holt – Feb 7, 2021 

Recommend DO PASS by the Issues Committee,  Feb. 9, 2021