*NOT PASSED August 2020* Resolution to call for prosecution of Ex President George W. Bush and others for war crimes

Prosecution of George W. Bush et. al. for War Crimes

WHEREAS there is overwhelming evidence that President George W. Bush and et. al. (his subordinates) committed war crimes,

WHEREAS international law requires the United States government to prosecute all war crimes committed by US persons; for example, torture, ghost prisoners, secret jails, used depleted uranium weapons that poisoned the battlefield and civilians for many years following the warfare, and making war on Iraq without a UN resolution.

WHEREAS President Bush et al, ordered the kidnapping of an estimated 150 people from foreign nations (aka “extraordinary rendition”) and delivering them for interrogation by nations having a well documented history of torture,

WHEREAS, Regarding Iraq, the last Security Council resolution essentially said, “Look, send the weapons inspectors out to Iraq, have them come back and tell us what they’ve found — then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do.”  But without UN permission of the UN Security Council, the US invaded Iraq and in so doing the US did unprovoked or “aggressive” war, the highest crime against mankind.

WHEREAS the Bush administration knowingly lied to justify and executed the war by falsely claiming Iraq under Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. 

WHEREAS If George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and others are not prosecuted the future could be threatened by additional examples of Executive lawlessness by leaders who need fear no personal consequences for their actions, including more illegal wars such as Iraq,

WHEREAS the claim that the President, as commander-in-chief, can exercise the unlimited powers of a king or dictator strikes at the very heart of our democracy and the rule of law requires a rejection of impunity for the criminal acts of government officials,

WHEREAS the world has watched as the United States–the self-proclaimed steward of democracy–has systematically broken the letter and spirit of its Constitution and violated international treaties, and to establish international legitimacy, we must demonstrate that we are capable of holding our leaders to account,

WHEREAS 6,900 and approximately 7,800 contractors were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan at the end of 2018, 52,010 wounded in action, and this number does not included are those “non-hostile injuries” and other medical problems such as heat stroke, suicide attempts, respiratory problems, and vehicle crashes.

WHEREAS 970,000 disability claims registered with the VA. 

WHEREAS these wars have been paid for almost entirely by borrowing, therefore  including the predicted interest payments, the total cost will be over $8 trillion by the 2050s, 

WHEREAS more than 480,000 people have been killed by direct war violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and over 8.4 million Afghans, Pakistanis, and Iraqis are living as war refugees in other countries or are displaced from their homes,

WHEREAS every segment of the US electorate–including majorities of Democrats (82 percent), independents (62 percent), and Republicans (51 percent) — want to hold the Bush administration accountable for its role in the destruction of the CIA’s interrogation tapes and the use of torture by the agency.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED we demand the US Justice Department prosecute of George W. Bush et. al. for war crimes.

AND THEREFORE BE IT further RESOLVED upon the adoption of this resolution the secretary of 21st LD shall forward this resolution to the resolution committees of the SCDCC and WSDCC.