Resolution to Protect the Integrity of the Election (TIP)

Whereas the President has refused repeatedly to commit to honoring the outcome of the election and to a peaceful transition of power should he lose the election, and 

Whereas Republican operatives are already contacting state legislators to explore the possibility of overriding popular voice and awarding state electors directly, without counting all mail-in ballots, and

Whereas this blatant interference in the federal election would amount to an antidemocratic coup against the Rule of Law, and

Whereas the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) has simulated results of the election under different scenarios, and concluded that “a show of numbers in the streets may be decisive,” and

Whereas as the article, “10 things you need to know to stop a coup,” by the group Waging Nonviolence,, states, coups are often defeated by a population that rises up and refuses to acknowledge the authority of the coup plotters,

Therefore, be it resolved, the 21st District Democrats resolves to educate our members that:

  • There is a very real possibility of an attempted coup on or after the election, in which the Republicans attempt to retain control of the Presidency through antidemocratic means
  • The election will likely not be decided until several days after Election Day due to counting of mail-in ballots, which must proceed without hindrance
  • Members should be skeptical of massive floods of unsourced propaganda flooding through social media
  • Members should educate themselves on how attempted coups are often defeated as the population rises up, for example by reading the article cited above,