September 2018 General Business Meeting Minutes


September 26, 2018

Officer’s Reports

State Committee

Shaun Olsen and Sharon Holt gave summaries of recent business by the state committee, including resolutions passed and bylaws changes. Additional information Washington State Democratic Party’s documents can be found here:


Micah Rowland discussed recent changes to the bylaws of the Democratic Party Chairs’ organization, which will now allow Vice-Chairs of local organizations to be members.

County Committee

Rose Andrews gave a summary of recent business at the Snohomish County committee meeting. Her written report can be read here:


Simone Gomes reminded the members to pay their dues for the year, and reported that she had heard nothing further regarding Glenn Morgan’s PDC complaint.
In addition, Simone declared that she would not seek reelection as the organization’s Treasurer for 2019 – 2020.

Guest Speakers

Our featured speaker for the evening was Marcia Stedman, president of Healthcare for All Washington. Our 21st LD representatives, Lillian Ortiz-Self and Strom Peterson, are co-sponsors of proposed legislation that hopes to ensure universal healthcare for all Washington State residents. More information can be found here:

Al Apodaca, the 21st LD PCO Coordinator, informed the members of upcoming PCO events, including VoteBuilder training, canvassing, and phone banking events. Furthermore, he is available to help PCOs with canvassing on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Al also mentioned that Andrzej Montaño is our local field coordinator with the Washington State Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign.

Old Business

There were no motions related to old business.

New Business

Bret Chiafalo made a motion to donate $100 from the LD’s funds to the Ivan Lewis campaign for State Representative, 39th LD, Position 1. The motion was seconded. The motion was debated for. Micah Rowland stepped down from the Chair, and made a motion to amend the original motion, raising the amount to be donated to $250. The amendment was voted on and passed unanimously. The original motion, as amended, was voted on and passed unanimously. $250 will be donated from the 21st LD Democrats’ Victory Fund to the Ivan Lewis campaign. Addendum 10/5/18: it has come to the attention of the Executive Board that donations by LD organizations to out of district candidates are prohibited by Washington State PDC rules. Therefore, Ivan Lewis has declined the donation from the 21st LD.

A motion was made to endorse Eric Halvorson for State Representative, 39th LD, Position 2. The motion was seconded. The motion was voted on and passed. Eric Halvorson will be endorsed by the 21st LD Democrats.