Spring SCM Report

Hello Fellow 21 Dems and Guests!

I Hope everyone is enjoying the slowly warming weather trend, and seeing more sunshine later each day. It has been such a cold, wet winter!

I’ve been assigned a new Committee Position as a on the WA State Central Committee.

Last term I was a member of REDISTRICTING, which has completed its work, as you all know. It was a challanging role but the committee did a lot of good things, and a good experience overall.

This next 2 years, I have been assigned to the Agricultural/Rural Committee. We are meeting for the first time at the first WSDCC Conference on May 5, 6, in SeaTac, at a local Union Hall.

Speaking of Unions, I’ve also been elected as the CD1 representative to the Labor Caucus. We are just getting organized and will meet Sunday April 23. Please forward any questions or concerns, and I will find out if I can help, or find someone who can.
More on this soon….

In the 21st, we are really getting going – Committees are getting started, Budget approved, and will soon move onto Candidate Endorsement activities. I have been on the Technology, Events, Memership and many other committees over the last decade, and will continue finding where ever I can be of the best use.

If you ever have a chance to share Coffee, Tea, or a quick chat, I am happy to meet and speak with you – just give me a call or email.

Have a wonderful Spring!!!